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The Heart Freedom System

Gain clarity on why you are where you are to break the Insanity Loop

The Heart Freedom System has successfully allowed me and my coaches to massively transform the personal and professional lives of our clients.


Gaining Clarity on What Truly Matters to You

Be clear on what you want to create with your life, your purpose in this life, not from what others think you should do, but from your core: without this, you will never be happy and successful. 


Breaking the Insanity Loop

Stop looking for your self worth from the way the world reacts to you: stop being driven from fear, ego and conditioned responses. Start living from your heart!


Dealing with Subconsious Blocks

Free yourself from your self-sabotaging beliefs so that your actions are in line with your purpose, with your highest potential in all areas of life.

Heart Freedom Cycle

Heart Freedom Cycle

Create consciously your best life, your own heaven on earth, by using inspiration as fuel instead of the reactionary fears and subconscious beliefs that were holding you prisoner. This is how you unleash your full potential, an amazingly successful life.

People who have done a lot of work – who have tried everything – this is the missing link – the thing they have been looking for.
– Jack Canfield
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“You keep doing everything right, but you never get what you want. Maybe it’s time for you to meet your subconscious?”
-Dr. Lise Janelle | Creator, The Heart Freedom Method
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95%of your mind is a total stranger to you. Are you surprised things are not going your way?

Why is Dr. Lise’s method so powerful?

The Heart Freedom Method is a Shortcut to Discover and Eliminate Your Limiting Subconscious Stories to Live an Extraordinary Life.
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Typical Outcomes:

Align your daily actions to support your greatest vision to experience happiness

Stop the insanity loop by gaining clarity on the mechanisms that rule you without your knowledge

Overcome procrastination, eliminate energy drains, people, environments or doing everything right but not getting results

Integrate your thoughts and emotions to achieve self-love, acceptance and live a balanced life

Dr. Lise Janelle

Unlocking peak performance

for Business Leaders and Top Athletes

Alexandria Town

From holding back to winning:

“I finally tapped into my full potential to win Championships and achieve my Olympic objectives.”
Alexandria Town

Broke Free From Self Limitations:

“I was freed from self-imposed limits, won World Cup medals and went on to the Olympics”
Larisa Yurkiw
James Nienhuis

From debt-ridden to debt-free:

“Eliminated subconscious beliefs around money and quickly erased more than $600K in debt, bought a new building, and increased profit margins.”
James Nienhuis
Andrea Parker

From Insecure to Helping Others:

“This system unlocks our drive and success. I’ve been able to build my own successful business, buy my dream house and create my destiny.”
Andrea Parker
Dr. Lise Janelle

After 126k+ consultations, I know…

“You won’t create what you want in life, you will create what you believe…”
-Dr. Lise Janelle | Creator, The Heart Freedom Method

I created the Heart Freedom System, a logical step-by-step system, that will guide you to success. If you are driven to make things happen, but have been frustrated because you’ve felt like there was an invisible force working against you, you will finally get the relief you are looking for!  

You don’t need luck to create a great life anymore! You just need to do the work while being guided by me or one of my masterfully trained coaches.

Co-authoring ‘Unstuck’ with Jack Canfield, my journey includes achieving top 10% earnings in Canada as a chiropractor and transitioning to coaching. I founded the Centre for Heart Living in Toronto and authored “You are Loved” and “Conversations with the Heart.”

As a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, I’m connected with transformational leaders featured in “The Secret.” My diverse experiences range from being a Canadian, Ontario, and Henley Rowing Champion to conquering challenges like Kilimanjaro and “La Haute Route” in the Swiss Alps.

My determination, showcased in activities like ice canoe racing, helps clients overcome obstacles. My insights have reached national news, TV talk shows, and reality series on CBC News, CTV’s Canada AM, CHCH, and The W Network.

Conversation with the heart - Book Cover
You are loved - Book Cover
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Andreia Horta

From Stuck to Unstoppable:

“I Gained the Confidence to Live My Dreams”
Andreia Horta
Helgi Maki

From Burdened to Free:

“I now play a game I love, not just one I can tolerate.”
Helgi Maki
Andrea Storey

From Broken to Whole:

“I transformed my story and discovered my worth.”
Andrea Storey

I always ask my clients:

“What is it costing you in terms of time, money, relationships and health?”

Over 126,000 sessions have shown me how deeply people are affected by their inability to let go of their subconscious programming that is holding them back. 

The main reasons people come to seek my help:

Blocks in business or career, inability to create abundance in their lives, as well as a depressing feeling that they will never have real love in their life. 

I love helping parents create more open, loving connections with their children.

Getting rid of anxiety producing feelings in the body that create more emotions and physical symptoms in their health and weight management, working with me creates substantial impact in the quality of life of my clients. 

So, what is the true cost of inaction to you?

Discover the Extreme Freedom Retreat

and how you can change your life in one weekend

The Extreme Freedom Weekend focuses on Clarity and is often the first step of your Heart Freedom Journey.
“I have been to many many many workshops and I have to tell you that this was absolutely transformational, not just like I learned something but it was transformational, I feel transformed. Beyond anything I expected for 2 days. Unbelievable, truly life-changing. Absolutely life changing. I just want to thank you for your sincerity, your enthusiasm and also for your conviction because when you said you that you could help me, you meant it. And now I also know that it was true.”
– Olga
Andreia Horta

From Broken to Emotional Clarity:

“This Method Helped Me Thrive Despite Divorce”
Jeff Kolesnikowicz

Blocked in Key Areas of Life:

“I Became Unstuck as I Shifted Perspective”
Alpar Donath
Tried everything and it’s still not working?
It’s time for you to unlock your full potential.
Unlock your full potential

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